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Abernethy is internationally famous for the breeding ospreys at Loch Garten. Ospreys became extinct in Scotland in 1916. In 1954 a pair once again returned to Loch Garten and Ospreys have nested there every year since 1959. In 2016 EJ and the male (Odin) fledged 2 chicks. In 2017 Odin disappeared, leaving the three chicks without food. He has not been seen since. 2018 saw 2 possible mates and 3 eggs were produced. Unfortunately neither male provided food and the nest failed. 2019 Season, EJ has not returned. So the nest has been cleaned up and all electronic equipment removed in the hope of attracting a new pair that will make Loch Garten their summer residence. All being well a new nest camera will be attached in 2020 to record the nesting season.

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