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CARNYX WILD - Contact Details

CARNYX WILD are based in The Yorkshire Dales and The New Forest, Hampshire. We have been producing independent natural history programmes since 1997. We also install and maintain a variety of wildlife cameras and camera systems.

Yorkshire Office: Scar House, Hubberholme, North Yorkshire, BD23 5JE

Quotations, Installations & Maintenance:
Peter Dobson 07711 205341

Natural History Film-Making:
Manuel Hinge 07808 015346

NATURAL WORLD UK - Website and Contact Details

Visit and browse through the extensive catalogue at Natural World UK

NATURAL WORLD UK is based in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK. It oversees a growing wildlife stock footage library. Dr Manuel Hinge has an extensive knowledge of British wildlife due to researching and filming the natural world for top broadcasters, indies, and NGO's over thirty years. 

WILDLIFE STOCK FOOTAGE - UK wildlife species, habitats, locations, events and even rural occupations and activities can be viewed on the website without logging in. Clips can be purchased following successful registration and accreditation. The rights ready footage can be viewed in folders with generic titles to aid clients in searching for their needs. All video clips have audio, whether wild or generic that is appropriate to the location.

Visit and browse through the extensive catalogue at Natural World UK

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