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• Birds of Prey in the wild and in our cities.

• Harsh coastal environments that encourage sea birds.

• Marshes and riverine habitats.

• Above and below the water.

• Infra-red lighting to capture nocturnal activity.

• Modern hard disk recorders to archive interesting activity for DVD highlights and promotion.

• Encoders and computers to stream live onto the web.

• Dedicated streaming servers to deliver live video to a world wide audience.

Kittiwake - Gateshead

Kittiwake - Gateshead

Online Now:  No   Genus: Rissa tridactyla   Location: Baltic Centre, Gateshead
Date Range: Spring - Summer   Archive:  No    Gallery:  No
Client: Durham Wildlife Trust   Views: 138   Published: 10/01/2021
Gateshead Quayside is home to over 700 pairs of breeding Kittiwakes.

Their colony on the quayside is recognised as being the furthest inland Kittiwake nesting site in the world.
Kittiwakes have used the area as a breeding site since the 1960′s and have truly become a well-established part of the local natural heritage.

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