Wildlife Cameras

• Birds of Prey in the wild and in our cities.

• Ground Nesting Birds.

• Harsh coastal environments that encourage sea birds.

• Marshes and riverine habitats.

• Above and below the water.

• Infra-red lighting to capture nocturnal activity.

• Hard disk recorders to archive interesting activity for DVD highlights and promotion.

• Encoders and computers to stream live onto the web.

• Cable, Fibre Optic, 4G and Satellite Broadband.

• Dedicated streaming servers to deliver live video to a world wide audience.


Chichester: 1 Peregrine Nest

The nest box in the south east turret

Llyn Clywedog: 1 Osprey Nest

Osprey Nest at Hafren Forest. Natural Resources Wales.

Warnham N R - Blue Tit

Blue Tit nestbox at the visitor centre

Coquet Island: 1 Nesting Terrace

Roseate Terns & Puffins on Coquet Island. RSPB.

Coquet Island: 3 Top of the Hide

Puffins gather on Coquet Island. RSPB.

Curlew Country: Curlew Nest

A pair of Curlews on four eggs.

Chichester: 2 Peregrine Below the Spire

Below the spire

Llyn Clywedog: 2 Osprey Top Perch

Osprey Nest at Hafren Forest. Natural Resources Wales.

Yorkshire Dales: 1 Kestrel Nest

Kestrel nest in a field barn above Hubberholme

Coquet Island: 2 Roseate Tern Nestbox

Roseate Terns nesting on Coquet Island. RSPB.

Coquet Island: 4 Puffin Burrow

Inside a Puffin Burrow on Coquet Island. RSPB.

RSPB Northern Ireland: Curlew Nest

A Curlew nest in County Antrim.